Raid days and times

Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST
Friday 7:30pm - 10:30pm PST


A full list of rules can also be found in our discord

Raid Requirements

-220 min ilvl to raid - We will accept a 5ilvl wiggle room for all main classes if you are stacking proper stats

-minimum 55% average parse requirement as a gauge for players to push for

-All Consumables (Except Runes)

-Required Raid Addons

-Working mic and ability to communicate

-Progression focused

-Positive Mindset

Bind on Equipped Items

All bind on equipment will go towards the guild bank to help maintain the guild repairs as well purchasing raid required essentials like; flasks/pots and mats. A time frame will be decided by the raid leader on when BoEs shall be kept by players (usually lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how guild gold is maintaining)

We do offer the guild the ability to purchase the BOE for 75% of whatever the AH price is at that time.

Add-on Requirements

Zero Toleration For Toxicity

Raid Attendance

Communications is key! and all messages related to attendance for raids should be posted in the #raidattendance channel in discord

- Missing 1 day - Benched for the following raid day
- Missing 2 days - Demoted to trial rank
- Missing 3 days - Removed from raid team and trial
*Assuming no communication was made about the absence or late*

We try and be as fair as possible and we understand IRL emergency happen, how ever missing raid team members hurts the team and we will not tolerate the lack of communication on no shows.

Trial process

-All trials will take place over a 2 week period. 

Each trial will be based off the performance, including relevant logs you had from previous fights. Damage/Healing numbers, as well as your ability to manage mechanics and your attitude towards raiding and progression. We determine if a spot is granted on our main roster. If you are set as a trial raider, your spot in the raid is not guaranteed, we may prioritize the current roster or other trials on select bosses.


We use the add-on RCLootCouncil as a way to manage and distribute loot in an easy, organized way.

We have four options as follow:

-My item and I want it - if it was your drop and you would like to keep it
-BIS - If its your BIS item (Stats+ilvl)
-Ilvl Upgrade - Item that has a higher Item level

-Stat Upgrade - Stat upgrade but is not BIS stats
-Offspec - you will use for a offspec you play - Ties will be /rolled

-Transmog - Required for transmog - Ties will be /rolled
-Pass - if do not need the item

If everyone passes on the item, it will be given to the owner as a "Free" item

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