Raid days and times

Wednesday 8:00pm PST (Farm Content)

Friday 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Saturday 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST


Raid Requirements

-Team first mentality, we are a team and we count on everyone to play there best and be ready for raid
-Show up on time prepared with everything you need
-Positive thinking and communication
-80%+ attendance each month minimum
-Working mic and able to communicate in discord
-Expected to have at least the minimum addon 

Bind on Equipped Items

All bind on equipment will go towards the guild bank to help maintain the guild repairs as well purchasing raid required essentials like; flasks/pots and mats. A time frame will be decided by the raid leader on when BoEs shall be kept by players.

Add-on Requirements

Raid Attendance

-Attendance is tracked for each raid night (Wednesday Not Included)

-3 strike rule which includes "lates" that were not previously communicated in discord

-We understand real life happens, we just expect communication in our discord channels so we have time to fill our roster each night

-If you can not achieve the required attendance you will be demoted or removed from guild

Trial process

-All trials will take place over a 2 week period. 
-We will have a MAX of 2 trials per raid run.

Each trial will be based off the performance, including relevant logs you had from previous fights. Damage/Healing numbers, as well as your ability to manage mechanics and your attitude towards raiding and progression. We determine if a spot is granted on our main roster.


We use the add-on RCLootCouncil as a way to manage and distribute loot in an easy, organized way.

We have four options as follow:

-My item and I want it - if it was your drop and you would like to keep it
-BIS - If its your BIS item (Stats+ilvl)
-Ilvl Upgrade - Item that has a higher Item level

-Stat Upgrade - Stat upgrade but is not BIS stats
-Offspec - you will use for a offspec you play - Ties will be /rolled

-Transmog - Required for transmog - Ties will be /rolled
-Pass - if do not need the item

If everyone passes on the item, it will be given to the owner as a "Free" item

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