Divine E-Sports is a long time standing guild of 4 years on the US realm Tichondrius. We have an active community in World of Warcraft as well as other games like Call of Duty, Hearthstone and others.


Welcoming everyone from all aspects of life. We range from 17-45 years of age with many members having full-time jobs/kids/school etc.


While we mainly play World of Warcraft,  as a raiding/dungeon guild. we do have members that actively participate in PVP content. 

Divine Raiding

Divine is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking to form a competitive team of players with the same goal of achieving Cutting Edge in each tier.

While we want to push for Cutting Edge we understand everyone has a life outside of World of Warcraft and we are limited in raid time. So all our players are expected to manage their time and make sure character progression stays competitive.

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Mythic Keystone Dungeons

Divine offers a Variety of player skill levels looking to push mythic keystones. Ranging from +10-18s there is something for everyone. We do not currently have any set mythic groups and we have an active community that is pushing keys consistently throughout the week.


Discord: Tyrue#1556

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